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I've fished since the age of 7 and started developing an obsession with big fish quite early on at the age of 10 or 11 after feeling the power of some decent Pike and Tench from some local park lakes. I like to concentrate my efforts into targeting larger than average fish and improving my own personal bests (PB's). In the past I've twice broken the British record for Barbel; 19lb in 2001 and 20lb 6oz in 2004. I'm currently chairman of the Northampton Specimen Group (NSG) and the Predation Action Group (PAG).  My UK PB list includes the following: Barbel 20lb 6oz, Bream 18lb 7oz,  Carp 50lb 2oz, Catfish 104lb, Chub 7lb 13oz, Crucian 4lb 1oz, Eel 6lb 14oz, Grass Carp 40lb 12oz, Grayling 2lb 14oz, Perch 5lb 1oz, Pike 30lb 14oz, Roach 3lb 6oz, Rudd 4lb 1.08oz, Sturgeon 142lb and Tench 11lb 5oz.

Lieu de pêche préféré : River Gt. Ouse
Type de pêche favoris : large under-stocked gravel pits // small to medium sized rivers